Our customers are satisfied with the best technical solutions and reasonable prices. We combine quality, efficiency and best cost level and this is achieved not only by very high competence and experience of our staff but also by very good relations inside our team.

Our customers and their cars

www.LPG-montaz.pl specializes in installations of LPG systems in all types of vehicles, but we also offer full mechanic & auto electronic services. We are proud of that majority cars we service, belong to top class segment, including BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Mercedes, Land and Range Rover, Volvo, Jeep. As a confirmation of our highest level of service and competence we can mention a brand new fleets e.g. Ford Focus.

Our partners and certificates

As we closely cooperate with one of the world’s best producer of LPG systems LPGTECH (we are authorized distributor of LPGCH in Poland), our technical solutions are of the highest technical class and they successfully passed complex tests. Our offer covers solutions for 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 cylinder petrol engines supplied by sequential systems. Additionally we can offer services for petrol direct injection engines e.g. mark as FSI, GDI (detailed info on request with engine code: biuro@LPG-monaz.pl).

We also have certificates of other well-known producers for example like BRC or LandiRenzo.


We have PI insurance which covers all possible damages in your cars connected with LPG system installed in our workshop.

If you need any additional info please send an e-mail on: biuro@LPG-montaz.pl

*promocje nie łączą się, możliwa do wykonania jest tylko zgłoszona przed ustaleniami technicznymi